About us

Fix Price is an international retail chain of family stores with a wide range of products at low fixed prices. We offer a modern store model for the whole family, where great location and bright layout are optimally combined with a wide assortment and really low prices on all goods.

Over 13 years of operation Fix Price has become the leading retail chain of this format. Today, more than 3900 stores have been opened in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, the Republic of Belarus, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

When our customers say:

"I can’t believe that I have found THIS in Fix Price!" Or "I can’t believe that everything is SO CHEAP!", for us there is no greater praise.

When we receive such feedback, we know that we have done our job well! We have worked hard to give you unique impressions of shopping, and turn our stores into a territory where every week the whole family enjoys searching for something special, interesting and useful!

We offer you the most necessary home goods at extremely low prices! In our stores you can find food and beverages, cosmetics and household chemicals, dishes, clothing, toys, gifts and souvenirs, books, decor and much more!

Interesting facts about Fix Price

1 300 000 +
Customers make daily
purchases in Fix Price stores
30 Fix Price stores
open every month
3900 +
3900 Fix Price stores
have been opened